# nodejs

TDD course with AdonisJs - 9. Cleaning up after ourselves series

It's always good to take a pause, look back at what we built and see if we can clean up something.

TDD course with AdonisJs - 8. Third party APIs, ioc and custom validators series

Let's take a closer look at the ioc container and implement a third party API.

TDD course with AdonisJs - 7. Moderators series

Adding a new feature for moderators to modify threads.

TDD course with AdonisJs - 6. Validation series

Currently it is possible to create a thread without a body or title. So let's add some validation to our controller.

TDD course with AdonisJs - 5. Middlewares series

We learn an important lesson about the difference between integration and unit tests.

TDD course with AdonisJs - 4. Using the auth middleware series

Most applications require auth in some sort, it's a breeze with AdonisJs and I show it to you.

TDD course with AdonisJs - 3. Model factories & DB transactions series

We take a look at simplifying our tests with model factories as well as one common gotcha.

TDD course with AdonisJs - 2. Our first test series

We write our first integration test and set up the database layer.

TDD course with AdonisJs - 1. Let's build a reddit clone series

Part 1 of a series in which we engulf in the joy of TDD with AdonisJs.

Simple libraries do not guarantee simplicity

Rethinking popular NodeJs libraries.

Testing made easy with AdonisJs

Adonis lets you write clean tests and is a good candidate for test driven development. I will show how to get started with testing as well as some common techniques regarding the database setup.